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Vanessa Klaus

Vanessa Klaus


Vanessa Klaus began studying classical piano at the age of five. She studied under her grandmother, Rosemary Carswell, who is a member of the Music Teachers Association of California and former president of the branch. Through Mrs. Carswell’s studio, she participated in various competitions and recitals, including Certificate of Merit, biannual studio recitals, contemporary festivals, sight reading competitions, guild, and much more. Along with performances, she also studied classical and jazz music theory for many years.
Outside of Mrs. Carswell’s studio, Vanessa broadened her musical sphere by immersing herself in various musical activities throughout her middle and high school career. She joined concert band where she played oboe, and jazz band where she played piano, and xylophone. She also spent her free time tutoring and teaching music theory to her classmates. As she got older, she began to coach her older siblings’ students. She spent many hours in lessons with her siblings observing and learning the different practices, techniques, and subtleties of teaching classical piano. 

Today, Vanessa’s primary focus is helping students find their musical strides and reach their musical ambitions through individually tailored lessons where she incorporates her years of experience from Mrs. Carswell’s studio, her siblings’ classrooms, and years of school sponsored music programs. Her greatest joy these days is being an active participant in the musical development and growth of her current students. Vanessa believes that being a great student makes you a great teacher, in and out of the classroom. She encourages her students through constant recognition and praise of their individual and innate talents and abilities. At the end of the day she wants their experience with her to be one that equips them with the technique and repertoire to truly allow them to explore and fully enjoy their musical endeavors.

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