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Robbie is amazing! She is an expert at finding the perfect teacher match for the adult or child student. Michaela is teaching piano to my 11 year old and she is wonderful. Camille is my beginning sax teacher and is the best. I am grateful to the Knauer Pianos Music School.

Karen Bender

I wish to say: I always wanted to play the piano again after 25 years of not playing. Little did I know how much more I enjoy practics now as an adult and how much I do like going to my lessons. " Thank you for providing me with a wonderful, kind and talented teacher. It has been an amazing experience so far"

Sibylle Frey

Our grandson has flourished during his lessons at Knauer Pianos Music School. It is a venture that will serve him well all his life. It brings our family a great sense of joy and pride.

Ed and Elayne Golden

We love the Knauer Pianos Music School! My 7 year old son loves going to his lessons and plays piano beautifully! Thank you Knauer pianos and your wonderful teachers for giving my son a love of music!

Jill DeWinter (Dylan Shea's mom)

"The music teachers at Knauer Piano School are so patient and kind. Their love of music extends to the teaching methods and the students florish. My daughter loves taking lessons and she cannot wait each week for her lesson. The atmosphere makes learning the piano in a fun way!"

Wendy Jackson

I've been attending group piano lessons at Knauer Pianos for the past 3 months, and I'm very pleased with the progress I've made thus far. The instructors are incredibly helpful, and not big-headed like other piano teachers I've had. The program is curtailed to the pace of the individual participants, ensuring that you are not left behind.

Within 3 months, I went from playing simple chords onward to scales to, at this point, somewhat complex note patterns. After each lesson, I find myself teaching my son all that I've learned!

Overall, Knauer Pianos offers a very welcoming learning environment -- I am no longer intimidated at the idea of playing piano as I look forward to each lesson. I am definitely a very critical reviewer, so the 5 stars I am awarding are well deserved.

Michael R.

I signed up for the adult piano lessons at the Tarzana location and I just love these classes!!! The price is great per month for a full-hour lesson each week and the teacher is awesome. Additionally, Robbie Knauer is so nice.

Christine H

I started taking adult piano lessons here about three months ago and I am extremely happy with this shop. The prices are very reasonable and the environment in the classroom has a great atmosphere. The teacher, Jill, is so kind and really just wants you to play your heart out. Within these three months, I can play many classical pieces! Their sign out front does not lie: You are guaranteed to play!

Natalie S.

The adult class is so much fun. It is an hour of pure delight, relaxation and self expression. My entire adult life I have longed to play the piano. Thanks to Jill and the team at Knauer I can play and I am loving it!

Janice Kyser

I came across a sign in front of Knauer Pianos which read "Piano Lessons for Adults" which was something I've been wanting to do for some time. I then found out that they teach a program called "Musical Moments" which is tailored for adults who want to learn to play the piano.

Classes are fun and enjoyable and moves at a pace which keeps you relaxed and not pressured. You learn to read notes right from the first lesson, and by the 4th lesson I was playing a song using both hands (somewhat coordinated),which was a thrill to be able to do in so short a time. Of course practice is the key, however the course only requires 15 minutes a day, which makes it easy.

If you just want to learn how to play the piano so you can make your own music at home, I would highly recommend this course!

Kraig D.

"From the first day, everyone at Knauer Piano made me feel like music was something I could do. The instructors make music fun and enjoyable, but not the least bit intimidating. I look forward to my lesson every week."

DL from Tarzana, CA

"Our daughter truly enjoys learning how to play the piano, thanks to her wonderful teacher. We are very grateful to be apart of the knauer Pianos Music School."

Pam Adibi

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