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Why Guitar Lessons Are Good For Children

For myself, one of the first experiences I had with a guitar was listening to Guns and Roses as a kid. Whether it was “November Rain” or “Sweet Child of Mine”, hearing Slash shred his ax was always a fascinating experience. For many people, the guitar is the ultimate icon of awesomeness, and learning to play the guitar can turn any boring Joe into a certifiable stud. Even if you aren’t trying to become the next rock superstar, there are a bunch of benefits to learning to play this versatile and exciting instrument. At Knauer Music School, we provide guitar lessons to children of all ages, and here are the top reasons your child should be one of them.

Self Confidence

Nothing looks cooler than playing an electric guitar; that’s an indisputable fact. Even if you can’t play something as complicated as “Welcome to the Jungle”, just being able to play the guitar at all is an achievement in itself. Not everyone is capable of learning this instrument, so if your child masters the guitar, he or she will be filled with so much confidence they might burst. Our guitar lessons will boost your child’s self-esteem, which, in turn, will help them conquer life and succeed in whatever they try, although, let’s be honest, most of them will become mega rockstars, which is certainly a worthwhile trade.


As I said, not everyone can master the guitar. The reason for this is that the instrument requires much more dexterity and concentration than other pieces. That being said, taking guitar lessons will help your child learn patience and discipline much faster than with other instruments. Even though the learning curve is high, our dedicated staff will ensure that your child learns at their own pace and isn’t left behind.

If you’re interested in having your child take guitar lessons, contact us at Knauer Music School today, and our team of professionals will turn your sons into Slash and your daughters into Joan Jett, figuratively speaking, at least.

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