September 2018 Newsletter

We can’t believe that summer is over and school starting back up!
If you are new to Knauer Music School, we want to welcome you and say that we are so happy you chose us to have your lessons with! If you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out. We are here to help you along your musical journey.

  1. Developed from a four-string Madeiran instrument and built from Hawaiian koa wood, ukuleles were popular among the Hawaiian royalty in the late 19th century.
  2. You may have heard that ukulele means “jumping flea” in Hawaiian. However, the last queen of the Kingdom of Hawaii, Liliuokalani, translated ukulele as “gift from afar.”
  3. By 1916, Hawaiian music became a national craze, and the ukulele was incorporated into popular American culture soon afterwards. When its sales reached millions in the 1920s, the ukulele became an icon of the decade in the United States.

Kristina Van Horst
How long have you been taking voice lessons?
I have been taking voice lessons with Kim here at Knauer for about two years, but I have been singing since I was 5 years old.
What do you like about your voice lessons?
I like learning new things and the advice that Kim gives me actually helps me. Some lessons I go to don’t always work, but everything she has told me so far has helped me.
What is your favorite part about coming to your lessons?
It is very comfortable and I don’t feel like I have to show off. She just teaches me and makes me feel safe. It’s fun to go to my lessons!
What kind of music do you like to sing?
I like to sing all kinds: R&B, pop, rock, punk rock, etc.
What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to sing with my band. I also like to walk my dog and go to the park.
What advice do you have for other students?
Always follow your dreams and keep going no matter what. There will be hard times, but keep going through it and it will work out.


You might think it’s too early to plan for our winter recital, but we want you to save the date now! Start planning your recital piece now! More information to come in early October.
When: Sunday, December 2, 2018
Where: Tarzana Store
19301 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA