Reactions to a Recital

From the musicians’ practice regimen to the chair rentals, so much preparation goes into concerts of all sizes. Just a month ago now, we had our Knauer Music School Recital Day - and I say “Recital Day” because we actually had to break all our performances up into four recitals!

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3 Music Apps You Will Love

And now we’ve entered a new age, where thanks to the Internet and smart technology, we have a myriad of new teaching tools available to us at the touch of a button. I speak of course of Apps. These apps can be used with your teacher in your music lessons,

March 2019 Newsletter

Summer is coming! Are you ready?!Knauer Music School is offering music camps this summer!Register today to get your spot!–Ukulele Jam–Songwriting & Composition–Introduction to Piano–Intermediate Piano…