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Introducing our new Music Production and Songwriting Classes!
July 2017 
Dear Robbie, 
We're excited to introduce two brand new lesson programs into our ever-growing music school: Music Production and Songwriting.

In our Music Production classes, you can look forward to learning how to record different instruments/voice and be able to put together finely-polished musical recording. Our instructors are able to go into detail on the use of recording equipment, software, and hardware; show you how to create basic grooves and rhythms, teach the nuances of plug-ins for compression, reverb, EQ, etc.; and how to mix and produce a finished recording. Our newest studio will be equipped with ProTools, the industry standard in recording software, and have access to microphones, MIDI controllers, and all the software needed to learn how to be a successful music producer.

Looking to hone your songwriting skills or just have an interest in learning how to write songs, our Songwriting instructors are more than willing to help. They can teach everything from basic song structure, melodic composition, and chordal accompaniment to lyric-writing, instrumental arranging, and even just how to get your amazing song ideas onto the page in front of you. Songwriting is a great skill for developing your personal creative expression and learning about what goes into the music you play.

We are very excited to begin taking sign-ups for these new classes, so contact us today at (818) 314-6776!
Fun Articles!
Interview with the Student: Alexis Diaz

How long have you been playing piano/singing?
I have been playing piano for 6 years and singing for 10 months.

What do you like about playing the piano and singing?
They really help me express my emotions.
What is your favorite part about coming to your lessons?
Both of my teachers are really friendly and I learn a lot from them. I'm excited to see them each week.
What kind of music do you like to play/sing?

I like to play classical music and sing songs from musicals.

Who is your favorite artist?
I have a lot of favorites, but I really like Beethoven and Mozart. I also like Susan Boyle and Lea Salonga.
What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to play piano, sing songs, and read books.
What advice do you have for other students?

Just keep on trying and don't give up. Always work hard at what you want to do.
Fun Facts!
1. There are few activities in life that utilize the entire brain, and music is one of them.
2. Only about 1 in every 10,000 people has "perfect pitch", the ability to identify a musical note just by hearing it, with no reference note.
3. Pianos can have upwards of 12,000 individual parts.
Teacher Spotlight: 
Chris Hernandez
When asked when his love of music began Chris says "One of my very first formed memories is of me imagining myself marching into my kindergarten class accompanied by a full marching band, I don't know where I got the idea, only that that's all I wanted to do". Chris began playing piano on his own at an early age, sitting at the piano in his parents' living room and picking out melodies, a trait he shares with most of his students today. He began formal piano study at age 9, under the tutelage of his Grandmother, Rosemary Carswell. Ms. Carswell's training was very much classical and still plays a big role in his own playing and teaching style today. 

After graduating elementary school, where he sang in and accompanied the choir, he spent 3 years in his Middle School Band program, learning to play Brass instruments, the very basics of jazz piano and most importantly learning the intricacies of playing with other musicians. In High School he continued his musical education at a Music Academy in Los Angeles, "I had to wake up at 5 in the morning to get bused to school in Culver City for 4 years, all for the music" as Chris recalls. There he played in percussion ensembles, jazz bands, played brass instruments in marching bands (including marching in the Rose Parade) and orchestras, accompanied classical soloists of varying instruments as well as solo vocalists. In High School he also began his journey as a working musician, being selected to be the accompanist for incoming students who needed to audition, playing music for cocktail parties and even coaching and teaching beginning piano students. When asked what he felt his favorite musical experience was he says "the most important thing as well as my favorite thing was learning how to make music with other people". 

In college Chris delved into Music Production and Composition. While still accompanying instrumentalists and vocalists in performance classes, his greatest joy came from performing his own compositions and live band  performances. 

After graduating, he was lucky enough to spend time working in Tokyo as a lyricist for a Japanese recording company and their bands, as well as getting to experience being a guest keyboardist in some of their performances. 
Today, while maintaining his classical roots, his performance and teaching specialties now have swung far from his classical background to include Classic Rock, Rock, Pop and Blues. With so many niches available in music today, aside from teaching his students how to play with other musicians and accompany themselves, he likes to teach them to compose their own music, show case themselves and find their own groove in a wide world of sounds.

Ask the Music Wizard!
Q: My child has been taking music lessons for a couple years now, but has recently seemed to lose interest and does not want to practice. Should we take a break?

A: Mastering a new skill can feel difficult at times, and your child may express that they want to quit every so often. This is normal and happens to many music students. Instead of taking a break or stopping lessons completely, I encourage you to work with your child to get through the tough times. By sticking with lessons, you're teaching your child that in life, the things they work hard for are often the most rewarding. I encourage you to read this quote by Brinton Averil Smith, Principal Cellist of the Houston Symphony Orchestra:

"Practicing is hard, and not always fun, but it is precisely because we try something difficult, and slowly learn to master it, that music builds our confidence and our brains.  Today we are conditioned by the myth of genius to feel that if our children don't show instant talent or passion for something, we should look for some area where they can excel with less effort.  But the notion that most successes are Mozart-like prodigies is just wrong.  Even Mozart didn't write his greatest works until he was in his thirties, and virtually every musician is more the product of hard work than inherent gifts.  The greatest benefit of music study is not for those for whom it is easy, but for those for whom it is hard.  I teach my daughter music not because I want her to become a musician, but because I want her to know that with persistence and consistent work she can master any challenge in her life."
Having difficulty with your child not wanting to practice?

Check out this helpful article: Practicing the Piano
Just a Friendly Reminder

Out of courtesy for our teachers, please be sure to let us know if you need to cancel a lesson with 24 hours advanced notice. 




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