November 2017 Newsletter

Are you signed up to be in the December Recital?

Save the Date: Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

Our December Recital is approaching quickly! There will be two recitals: one at 4:45pm and one at 6:45pm. If you would like to be a part of the Knauer Music School December Recital, be sure to speak with your teacher to get more information!

Student Spotlight – Ansel Cotter

How long have you been playing piano and singing?
I have been singing and playing piano for about 4 and a half years.

What do you like about singing and playing the piano?
I like that you get to express
yourself in music and you get to
play what you want to play.

What is your favorite part
about coming to your lessons?
Michaela and I get to do songs together like duets and stuff. I also like that I get to write songs.

What kind of music do you like to play and sing?
I really like Rock and 80s music. Some of my favorite artists are Journey, Michael Jackson, ACDC and the Beatles.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I’m very athletic. I play baseball, basketball and soccer. I also like to jam around on the piano, watch tv, play on my iPad and read.

What advice do you have for other students?
Never give up. Keep trying and work hard. Practice a lot. It’s worth it.

Fun Facts

1. A single violin is made from over 70 individual pieces of wood.
2. Dogfish skins was often used in the 18th century to sand violins.
3. The Japanese word for ‘karaoke’ comes from a phrase meaning ’empty orchestra.’

Teacher Spotlight – Helen Rowe

Helen Rowe is one of Knauer Music School’s newest violin teachers. With her great personality and witty humor, she has already been a joy to have around the school!

Helen started playing violin when she was 6 because her dad played, but it quickly turned into one of her favorite things to do. Helen has been playing in ensembles and groups most of her life. She was the concertmaster of Lawrence Symphony Orchestra and a member of the National Repertory Orchestra. She’s continued to perform and substitute for several local orchestras including the Debut Symphony, American Youth Symphony and the Santa Monica Symphony.

Helen has a Bachelor of Music from Lawrence University Conservatory, as well as, a Masters in Musicology from UCLA. She is currently working on her PhD in Musicology because she realized that her passion for music went beyond playing just the notes rhythms. In her very limited amount of spare time, Helen enjoys puzzles, video games and riding her motorcycle.

Welcome to all of our new students!

We’ve had so many of you join our family this month! We hope you
are having a great start to your music experience here at Knauer.
If there is anything we can do to make it more special, please let us know!


Q: My child is 9 years old and has been taking piano lessons for a little while, but always resists me when I tell them to practice. They would rather be playing games on the iPad! I can’t tell if they just don’t like piano or if it’s just a phase. I don’t want to push them to take lessons if they really don’t want to. Do you have any advice?

A: Thank you so much for your question! It is not uncommon for parents to come across this problem with their children. Throughout the course of lessons, students will have highs and lows when it comes to practicing. My recommendation would be to keep going with the piano lessons because after 1-2 years time you will really see a difference in your child’s progress and the benefits of music lessons are endless! It might be difficult at first, but try to treat piano as if it were another subject in school. Making piano practice as important as school homework might help your child practice more. Did you know that learning to play an instrument actually makes a person smarter? Just keep encouraging your child and remind them that learning to play an instrument is a wonderful skill to have!

Out of courtesy for our teachers, please be sure to let us know if you need to cancel a lesson with 24 hours advanced notice.

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Benefits Of Piano Lessons For Your Child

The piano is probably one of the most versatile instruments around. Whether it’s a classical ballad like Fur Elise or a more modern song like Ray Charles’ Hit the Road Jack, the piano can add a bit of class and harmony to any song. Even today’s modern pop stars play the piano, such as Bruno Mars and Rihanna. Suffice it to say, learning to play this instrument can be a worthwhile exercise, even if you aren’t trying to become the next Top 40 hit. Here at Knauer Music School, we teach children in a variety of ways, but piano lessons are still one of the best options to engage your child and help them learn skills that will not only assist them in music, but in other academics and life. Here are the top reasons your child should take piano lessons.

Learning Development

In my experience, the ability to learn is just as, if not more important, than learning itself. A good student is not just capable of memorizing a piece of music, but instead, can understand what makes the music come alive, and knows the fundamentals of the instrument on which they play. Piano lessons will help your child develop learning skills that can be applied to any number of topics, from math to science to literature. Our teachers will ensure that your child understands the mechanics of the piano as well as learning to play, so they can even create their own songs.


If your child is a bit on the distracted side, learning to play the piano is a fantastic way to help them develop discipline and patience. Because no one can learn to play the piano in a day, our lessons are designed to help your child learn at their own pace, so they don’t feel rushed or left out.

Self Confidence

Since the piano is a somewhat complicated instrument to learn, once your child masters the basics, he or she will feel more confident in their abilities. Whether it’s acing a test at school or engaging in competition, the confidence that is created by our piano lessons will help your child succeed in all aspects of school and life.

If your child is interested in taking piano lessons, contact us at Knauer Music School today. Our dedicated staff will help turn your minions into Mozarts and your babies into Beethovens in a fun, engaging environment.

If Your Child Wants To Be A Singer, Give Them Voice Lessons

It seems that these days everyone wants to be a singer. From reality shows like American Idol and The Voice, many people are showing off their vocal skills in the hope of becoming the next pop superstar. Additionally, sites like Vine and Youtube are allowing everyone a chance to become the next Justin Bieber. If your child is interested in singing, it may be tempting to plop them in front of a camera and have them do their thing. However, if you or your child want to be serious about singing professionally, then he or she will need voice lessons. Here at Knauer Music School, we provide voice lessons for children of all ages, and these are the top reasons your child should be taking them.


For most people, singing isn’t something that they do on a regular basis. Outside of the shower or karaoke night at the bar, many people aren’t putting that much pressure on their vocal chords. However, if your child wants to sing professionally, then voice lessons are a must. Our teachers will help your child develop breathing skills, as well as train his or her throat muscles so they can belt out song after song without passing out or tearing up their voice box. Nothing is more embarrassing than fainting while singing the national anthem, so, to prevent such a fail-worthy incident, voice lessons are crucial.


Singing is one of those things that you are either good at or not. If your child shows signs of singing ability, it’s important to take voice lessons to develop and broaden his or her range. Whether they are a smooth and sultry baritone or a high and angelic alto, our teachers will help your child develop their singing skills so they can comfortably and effortlessly hit both the high and low notes that are so prevalent in today’s music.

If you are interested in having your child take voice lessons, contact Knauer Music School today. Even if your child isn’t the next Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez (yet), our dedicated team of vocal professionals will help make sure that your child can sing with the best, regardless if fame or fortune finds them.

Why Guitar Lessons Are Good For Children

For myself, one of the first experiences I had with a guitar was listening to Guns and Roses as a kid. Whether it was “November Rain” or “Sweet Child of Mine”, hearing Slash shred his ax was always a fascinating experience. For many people, the guitar is the ultimate icon of awesomeness, and learning to play the guitar can turn any boring Joe into a certifiable stud. Even if you aren’t trying to become the next rock superstar, there are a bunch of benefits to learning to play this versatile and exciting instrument. At Knauer Music School, we provide guitar lessons to children of all ages, and here are the top reasons your child should be one of them.

Self Confidence

Nothing looks cooler than playing an electric guitar; that’s an indisputable fact. Even if you can’t play something as complicated as “Welcome to the Jungle”, just being able to play the guitar at all is an achievement in itself. Not everyone is capable of learning this instrument, so if your child masters the guitar, he or she will be filled with so much confidence they might burst. Our guitar lessons will boost your child’s self-esteem, which, in turn, will help them conquer life and succeed in whatever they try, although, let’s be honest, most of them will become mega rockstars, which is certainly a worthwhile trade.


As I said, not everyone can master the guitar. The reason for this is that the instrument requires much more dexterity and concentration than other pieces. That being said, taking guitar lessons will help your child learn patience and discipline much faster than with other instruments. Even though the learning curve is high, our dedicated staff will ensure that your child learns at their own pace and isn’t left behind.

If you’re interested in having your child take guitar lessons, contact us at Knauer Music School today, and our team of professionals will turn your sons into Slash and your daughters into Joan Jett, figuratively speaking, at least.