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Our teachers treat each student individually, taking the time at the first lesson to get to know their goals and their musical preferences. Teachers customize the lessons for the student providing a strong foundation in reading music, techniques to play with expression, music theory, improvisation and composition to the extent that is meaningful to the student. The student's success is attributed to the comfortable pacing and logical sequencing of the material. We want our students musical progression to be gratifying to their fullest potential.


In the case of a younger student the parents are involved in the process of determining the path for the student. Our priority is to have clear and regular communication with parents, keeping them apprised of the students direction and progress.


We have over 25 highly dedicated and experienced teachers that are accomplished in classical, jazz, hip-hop, folk, rock, country, blues, gospel, religious and various cultural music, as well as composition and improvisation.


The quality of our teaching staff is second to none, from classically trained teachers with doctorate degrees to accomplished jazz and hip hop teachers, each one is warm, patient and deeply cares about helping each student learn to play the music they desire to play, while making the experience meaningful and inspiring. All of our teachers have college training and many have professional performance experience both nationally and internationally as well as being recording artists. Our teachers love what they do and dedicate themselves to guiding you to reach your musical goals. They know the perfect balance of having their students progressing well and keeping it interesting. Several of our teachers offer MTAC and Royal Conservatory curriculum.
Some of the prestigious institutions teachers are graduates of, Berklee College of Music, California State University at Northridge, Manhattan School of Music, Indiana University, Charles University in Prague, Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.


Ages 3 to Adults
Beginning to Advance

Students take their lessons on a high quality acoustic pianos with teachers who are warm and patience and care deeply about helping guide each student to learn the music they desire to play. We offer instruction in Classical, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Cultural and more. We provide a broad foundation in sight reading, technique, music theory, improvisation, and composition to the extent that the student finds meaningful. We strive to have our students progress to be gratifying to their fullest potential. MTAC Certificate of Merit and Royal Conservatory curriculum is offered

Ages 6 to Adults

Our guitar teachers teach all genres of music from rock, blues, metal, folk, country, pop and classical guitar lessons on acoustic and electric guitars. We teach bass guitar as well. Our teachers will take the time to get to know your interest and goals and personalize a program to have you playing the music you want to play. The teacher will emphasis the technique needed to make each piece a dynamic performance. You are encouraged to bring music to your teachers attention that you want to learn to play.

Ages 4 to Adults

We offer lessons in classical, pop, country, folk, rock and many more genres of music. The teacher’s warmth and appreciation for the learning process will be part of what will make playing these beautiful string instruments so rewarding. We provide a broad and deep foundation in sight reading, technique and music theory to the extent that the student finds meaningful. We strive to have our students progress to be gratifying to their fullest potential.

Ages 4 to Adults

Our voice teachers cover many styles of music from pop, rock, gospel, jazz, musical theater, R&B, country, soul, opera and much more. Voice students spend time each week doing physical exercises to improve their vocal range, learn how to perfect their voice, ear training, breath control, vibrato, tone production, and enunciation. Our voice teachers are extremely professional and passionate about singing and love to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Ages 6 to Adults

Our drum instructors teach rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues, and more. Our instructors want to get to know each student and learn about their music preferences and aspirations. The teacher paces the lessons material appropriately for each student. Technique is emphasized so that the drummer can have the control to be a dynamic, creative player. Drummers are invited to bring in their favorite drum parts to learn in the lessons. Your instructor will be there to help you prepare for auditions and band commitments. You do not have to purchase a drum set initially to take lessons. Beginning students can learn with a drum pad and sticks for only $25.00.

WOODWIND - Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon
BRASS - Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba
All Ages

We teach classical, jazz, pop and much more. Our teachers are passionate about playing music and love instructing other fellow enthusiast to become proficient at their instrument. Our teacher will help you learn and build a strong foundation to be an excellent musician. Your teacher will work with you diligently to help you with good tone quality as well as proper breathing technique and teaching strong reading skills. Our instructors will help you with school or professional auditions and help prepare for any band material you want to become solid with. All of our teachers are gracious, warm and extremely patient.

7 Keys To Assure Your Child Is Successful In Becoming A Lifelong Player

  • A motivating teacher
  • Student is involved in selecting the music they play
  • An encouraging, supportive parent
  • A willing student
  • A quality instrument for practice
  • Participation from family members in piano lessons/recitals
  • Playing the piano with the assistance of a music couch or digital piano
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